Description :

White bloom and heavenly scents. Queen of Jasmine.
The jasmine flower is associated with love and romance.
Its pristine beauty and sweet fragrance speaks of love and evokes positive feelings.
This esotic aroma is irresistible and addictive, and will help to connect with intimacy, pleasure, and beauty.

Benefit of Aroma :

Relaxing A heaven-blessed jasmine aroma

Skin Nourishing Milk Bath non-foaming milk designed for sensitive skin. Cleanses, soothes and softens the skin contains natural plant Oryza sativa (bBran) Oil to feed the skin whilst keepinf it soft and supple. Moisturing and antioxidant nutrients is a good choice for inclution in formulations intended for mature, Vitamin E help Nourishing skin and protects its ability to function as an antioxidant.Delicate or sensitive skin. Bath Milk is Excellent for irritated, sensitive and excessively dry skin conditions.